Monday, August 27, 2012

What is a Good Listener?

As I was looking on some blogs and pinterest, I was looking for a unique way to teach the kids how to be a good listener. I wanted it to be more exciting and engaging for them, rather than me just telling them. I wanted something that I could refer back to whenever I needed to. I found a GREAT anchor chart from Mrs. Jump's class. I went ahead and made my own version of it and then decided to have an activity to go along with it.

First, I typed up on Microsoft Word some of those specific things that being a good listener entails (eyes watching, ears listening, criss cross applesauce, etc.) I put them into a table so that I could pass out a row of these to each student and they could cut down the line. Easy as that! No, they aren't able to read them yet, but they did a great job of following along and telling me where to place them on their picture. It's a great reminder to them of how they are supposed to look when on the rug or wherever they may be! Here is an example:

Anchor chart from Mrs. Jump's class
The kids did a great job of telling me where to put each of these pieces! It was a great way for them to be more engaged in the lesson. You can get your own copy of this little boy here.

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